Entry Ninja

Entry Ninja is the official partner portal managing the entries for the African Centurion 2018 event. Entry Ninja was built from the ground up specifically aimed at sporting events and the needs of the organisers. Users on the Entry Ninja site can browse various sporting events, find out about them and secure their entry via the ticketing service – all on one go. 

Organisers who sign their event up on the site can gain access to all their event related information, including in-depth statistics regarding their participants and funds received. 

Entry Ninja has a dedicated support and call center available during weekdays. The center is setup to assist customers trying to purchase entries or tickets, taking the admin away from organisers and allowing them to focus on what truly makes their event great. 

For more information on Entry Ninja and their service, visit entryninja.com




UNITlogic prides itself on being an events Production and Operations company that both conceptualizes and offers services to the event industry. With more than a decade’s worth of involvement in the industry, we have built ourselves up to where we are now. By joining forces we form a strong combination of a diverse set of skills and experience. Any event requires a lot of organization with regards to logistics, sourcing partnerships, sponsors, suppliers, artists, backstage management and on the ground management to create successful experience-based events. Our focus ranges from large-scale expo’s, outdoor music festivals, environmental initiatives to outdoor sports events. We like creating unique experiences, with unique people.


Meet Lee Ludditt



Having worked in the events industry for as long as she has, it’s clear that the production and operations side of an event is where her passion lies whilst always keeping the environment in mind. “It’s the kind of industry where if you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen.” – Lee says. Lee prides herself in being solution based with a focus on attention to detail in creating and adapting. For her, seeing an event come together is one of the best experiences to have.


Meet Melissa Lewis



Melissa has always been driven and passionate about the show and events industry. Having her attention and skills directed towards your event will most definitely benefit the planning and execution on what you would like to achieve with your show or event.

To find out more about UNITLogic, visit www.unitlogic.co.za