Race Rules


  • The Contact Rule: Each walker must have at least one foot in contact with the ground at all times
    and NO walker will get disqualified for bent knees. 
  • The judging criteria are simple: judges expect each walker to walk honestly in such a way that he/she is not gaining an unfair advantage over other competitors through his/her mode of walking. 
  • Walkers will be notified of any infringements  



  • To qualify as an African Centurion, you must reach or pass 100 miles within 24 hours.


  • There is a 24 hours’ time limit for the 100 miles – from the time of the start to the finish.
  • You may stop, rest, get a massage etc.…. the clock, however, will not stop! 


  • The race will be judged throughout the 24 hours by Race Walk Judges. 


  • An “official” feeding station is available to all walkers during the race which will provide basic drinks and snacks.
  • Walkers must provide their own food and drinks.
  • Supporters are allowed to hand over drinks and food within the designated support area and should not walk with the athlete to feed/supply food and drink.


  • No pacers are allowed during the race. However, two or more walkers who have entered the race may walk together but must not impede other competitors. 


  • No walker will be allowed hands-on assistance during the race. 
  • Poles, canes or walking sticks are not allowed.

The Course

  • The course must be certified by an official course measurer and the certificate must be displayed during the event.
  • If you leave the course for any reason you must return to the course at the same point.
  • To be caught cutting the course hence making the route shorter may result in disqualification.