Race Rules


  • The Contact Rule: Each walker must have at least one foot in contact with the ground at all times
    and NO walker will get disqualified for bent knees. 
  • The judging criteria are simple: judges expect each walker to walk honestly in such a way that he/she is not gaining an unfair advantage over other competitors through his/her mode of walking. 
  • Walkers will be notified of any infringements  



  • To qualify as an African Centurion, you must reach or pass 100 miles within 24 hours.


  • There is a 24 hours’ time limit for the 100 miles – from the time of the start to the finish.
  • You may stop, rest, get a massage etc.…. the clock, however, will not stop! 


  • The race will be judged throughout the 24 hours by Race Walk Judges. 


  • An “official” feeding station is available to all walkers during the race which will provide basic drinks and snacks.
  • Walkers must provide their own food and drinks.
  • Supporters are allowed to hand over drinks and food within the designated support area and should not walk with the athlete to feed/supply food and drink.


  • No pacers are allowed during the race. However, two or more walkers who have entered the race may walk together but must not impede other competitors. 


  • No walker will be allowed hands-on assistance during the race. 
  • Poles, canes or walking sticks are not allowed.

The Course

  • The course must be certified by an official course measurer and the certificate must be displayed during the event.
  • If you leave the course for any reason you must return to the course at the same point.
  • To be caught cutting the course hence making the route shorter may result in disqualification. 



African Centurion Rules &  Time Limits

Walk Rules for Competitors and Supporter
1. Whilst the event will take place within the Coetzenburg Stadium precinct, road safety
regulations will still apply.
2. The Organiser’s marshals are there to ensure, so far as is reasonably possible, the safety
of all competitors and their supporters. If a competitor or their support crew/supporter
fails to comply with a marshal’s instruction or verbally abuses a marshal they may be
subject to one of the penalties outlined in rule 19 below.

Competitors Rules
3. Due to the rules governing road races, the wearing of earphones or similar devices is
limited and walkers should take caution and be vigilant at all time when using
The volume should be such that the walker is attentive of other walkers and able to
hear instructions from marshals. Failure to hear reasonable instruction from a
marshal could lead to an infringement being issued.
4. Headphones (full ear covering listening devices) are not permitted, anyone who is seen
to be wearing any form of headphones during the race will be disqualified. Headphones
worn for medical reasons will be permitted if the competitor is able to provide a
medical certificate to confirm their requirement.
5. The route must be followed as laid down by the organisers and all officials and
marshal’s instructions are to be obeyed.
6. No running or jogging is allowed. The race is organised under IAAF rules of race walking.
This event will be judged as a Category B Race and Rule 230 interpreted accordingly. 
The use of poles and any artificial aids are prohibited.
7. Pacing i.e. a supporter walking or cycling with a walker is not allowed. Pacing will result
in time penalties or disqualification. Supporters must walk behind the walker when
supplying drinks etc.
8. The race referees have the absolute power to withdraw any walker deemed to be
physically unfit to continue. A certificate of medical fitness may be requested by the
race referees prior to the event. Walkers must fill in medical details on the front
9. Walkers may not be assisted or held up during the event. Should a walker be injured, ill,
incapacitated or unable to walk unaided, such walker will need to retire and may not
re-enter the event at a later stage.
10. Walkers must wear bright coloured clothing with significant reflective material.
11. Walkers must use headlamps during the night and must wear an illuminated light
source/s that is/are visible simultaneously from the front and rear.
12. Walking without a headlight at night could lead to the disqualification.
13. Race numbers must be unaltered and displayed on the front on the outer layer of
clothing, above waist height at all times and must not be obscured by waterproofs or
hydration packs straps.

14. Walkers should be aware that altering or cutting their number in any way may damage
the timing strips which could prevent their times being recorded.
15. With the exception of guide dogs, competitors are not permitted to be accompanied by
any animal.
Supporter /Supporters Rules
16. Walking, running or cycling with a walker and/ or giving assistance to a walker i.e.
changing clothing, tying shoe-laces etc. is prohibited. Supporters must offer provisions
along the track or walk behind the walker when supplying drinks etc.
17. Supporters should stay off the track or roads and not obstruct other walkers.
18. Support crew must wear hi-visibility reflective clothing and a headlamp at night.
Penalties can be awarded if walkers or their support crew/supporters infringe the above
19. Time penalties will be imposed on a walker and /or team for any infringements of all
rules stipulated herein:
– 1 st Infringement -15 minutes
– 2 nd Infringement – 30 minutes
– 3 rd Infringement – Disqualification
20. These time penalties are cumulative and will be added to the race time at the
conclusion of the race.
21. For teams, penalties are awarded to single individuals and time is accumulated for the
entire team. However, should a team member be disqualified, the entire team will be
disqualified and be retired.
22. In the event that the penalties added take the total time over the 24-hour limit, then
that walker or team will not be classified as a finisher.
23. Walker and team walkers and their supporter/s are deemed to be a single entity when
imposing penalties.
24. Supporters are deemed to be participants and all rules apply. Disqualification of a
supporter will lead to the entire team being disqualified.
25. No competitor may be in more than one team.
Race walking rules
26. The African Centurion Walk is held under IAAF rules.
27. Rule 230 Definition of Race Walking: Race walking is a progression of steps so taken
that the walker makes contact with the ground so that no visible (to the human eye)
loss of contact occurs. The advancing leg shall be straightened (i.e. not bent at the
knee) from the moment of first contact with the ground until the vertical upright

28. The race referee’s and race judge will where ever possible issue a caution by way of
showing a walker or supporter a yellow card if it is felt that the any of the mentioned
rules or race walking rules are not being compliant.
29. Walkers and supporters who receive multiple yellow cards may be subject to
disqualification. Given the nature/logistics of the event, i.e. point to point, race
referee’s and race judge can disqualify a walker or supporter without a prior warning
having been issued where it is felt that the walker or supporter is obviously not
complying with the rules.
30. There will be 4 referees and 1 judge during the event.
31. Objections and appeals can be made directly to the race judge.
32. Decisions by the race judge will be final and no further appeal processes can be made