Mappa, professional management of projects and events

Success is mostly a matter of recognizing the smaller pictures within the big picture and
act accordingly. (my motto – my belief)
I approach life and work by connecting the dots, inspecting what I expect, being passionate about what I do and always showing empathy for people and their needs. This approach has enabled my clients to hand over their projects with confidence into my care and supervision. Let me put your project or event on the map!

How I work:

I can work independently or within an existing team. 
I work either on a consulting basis and charge an hourly rate. 
Or I can oversee an entire project from start to finish, or a portion thereof and create the appropriate task teams. In this instance, I charge an events fee or retainer. 
I work from my home office and on location. 
Travel expenses and accommodation related to the event will be charged separately.

What I do:

Event conceptualizing: creating event and design. Feasibility study and budget management
Coordination of the project and managing the different task teams
Allocating the right people for the job – task teams.
Overseeing all aspects of the project – with an evaluation report.
The main point of contact
Communication with different role players
Sales of the event
Fundraising and sponsorship
Logistics and operations – in partnership
Creating experiences for incentives travellers – in partnership
Artist liaison