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African Centurion 2018

Join Fundiswa Sandi at this year’s Africa Centurion walk as she walks in honour of her late nephew who sadly never had the opportunity to achieve his dream of running the Comrades Marathon. Fundi has decided to live his dreams for him and take on the challenge of the 100 mile walk. Sadly, Fundi finished just short of the 24 hour time deadline in the 2016 African Centurion and this year, she is ready, trained and determined to achieve her goal. She says that keeping fit and training has helped her to deal with the grief of her nephew’s passing and by doing the gruelling walk on Robben Island also helps her relate to the struggles of the late Tata Mandela. Watch and share in her beautiful story below.


Be part of the experience at this meaningful event.

The Centurion Walk started in Britain in 1911 and has since taken place annually in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and the Netherlands.

With a strong international following of dedicated  walkers, Centurion events attract walkers from all over.  In October 2018, African Centurion will host in excess of 350 participants for 24 hours on Robben Island and 2018 marks the third consecutive year that the event has been on the continent. 

In October 2018, The African Centurion Walk will be proudly hosted on the world renowned Robben Island in Cape Town, South Africa. This UNESCO World Heritage site is symbolic of the triumph of the human spirit over adversity, and has been secured as the perfect venue for the walk in the Centenary Year of the late President Nelson Mandela.


We chat with Michelle Lobel about her decision to do the #AfricanCenturion2018

Michelle Lobel is a first time walker. She decided she would challenge herself and sign up for this year’s African Centurion. As she prepares for the adventure, she has decided to seek professional guidance on what would be the best shoes to get her across the finish line and also shared some personal thoughts with us. Watch her story below…