Nour Addine Ayyoub, founder of ZaiLab, a cloud-based tech development company, brought the Centurion Walk to the African continent for the first time in 2016. He had done the walk internationally and felt passionate enough about the event to invest in its African leg. ZaiLab has hosted the African Centurion on Robben Island for the past 2 years and 2018 marks the final opportunity to do the walk on Robben Island – next year they will be taking the event to a bigger venue due to popular demand and the limitations of this UNESCO heritage and environmentally protected Island.

Zailab has developed software for use in the call center industry. Their software has transformed the industry and created a better and more comfortable environment for operators and clients alike. The software includes features that can be used to create the ultimate cloud-based contact center.

Our story

The contact centre industry is a truly massive provider of employment. But it isn’t even slightly close to reaching its potential as an employer. Part of the problem is agent offshoring. This cost-saving exercise takes away huge numbers of local jobs – and it ends up costing companies more in the end, because customers don’t like dealing with agents who don’t understand their culture. The cloud-based tech we have at our disposal can completely transform the industry. That’s really why we started ZaiLab. We want to transform the industry.

And here we are.

Our crew

We believe that there are two types of worker: the nine-to-five worker and the owner. You choose which one you want to be. At ZaiLab we’re blessed with an ownership mentality. If our crew show themselves to act as owners – no matter what it is that they do in the business – they get shares. Real shares. ‘There is nothing more freeing than financial independence,’ says Nour Addine. ‘And I can think of no greater gift for the people who drive this business than that.’

Nour Addine Ayyoub

CEO and founder – Zailab

Nour Addine Ayyoub is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. He’s always had his eye on a prize of his own, from the day he started teaching himself programming back when he was a lad. That attitude and natural aptitude served him well when he staked a claim on part of South Africa’s banking landscape. Virtually single-handedly he built a piece of software that went on to colonize 70% of the unsecured lending market. He went on to co-found Old Mutual Finance, which speaks for itself. Ready once more to break away from the corporate fold, he stepped up to start ZaiLab and bring sexy back to the contact center world.

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