Consol Glass


At Consol, we’ve been forming glass for more than 70 years. In that considerable amount of time, we’ve never fallen out of love with this magnificent material. If anything, we’re more convinced than ever that the best things come in glass.

Our story began in January 1944, when Anglovaal – a new Johannesburg finance house – acquired a pioneering glassworks factory in Pretoria. Two years later, Consol Glass – the brand you know and love – was founded. Since then, we’ve never looked back, quickly becoming a leading glass manufacturer in Africa.

But why stop there? Our dedication to creating a premium glass product is a commitment to being the supplier and glass brand of choice across all of Africa. It’s a product we believe in – one that adds quality of life to consumers, enhances our customers’ business performance, delivers sustainable shareholder value and creates opportunities for more and more people.

We believe in creating a level of trust, whether between products and brand, executives and people, or the shareholder and the individual customer. In order to maintain that trust, we encourage innovation, recognise and promote excellence, and see the diversity and teamwork among the Consol family as an imperative.

It’s a fundamental part of our mantra: From the Earth. Through Fire. To Perfection.

Consol produces a range of glass packaging for the food and beverage industries inclusive of the beer, alcoholic fruit beverage, wine, fruit juice, soft drinks, mineral water and spirits markets. Our portfolio has also expanded over the years to include packaging for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries – serving a wide range of local and international customers. For more information on our brand and the story of glass, visit