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Mobile Coffee & Bar Solutions


LA Barista brings you bespoke Coffee and Bar solutions to all events. Being indoor or outdoor, festivals, weddings, special occasions and corporate events.

We have friendly, experienced & professional Baristas and Bartenders and our mobile bars will bring a touch of class to your event.


About LA Barista

Have you ever had bad service and then had the problem compounded by getting terrible coffee? Well this happened to Allan McCreadie one too many times. He would often be found going around the counter to make his own cup of coffee, and then the inspiration came to him!And so LA Barista was born on the 21st September 2013; a mobile coffee company dedicated to bringing top quality coffee with the warmest smiles.


Team LAB

LA Barista started in 2013 with Allan and Lisa doing all the work, taking the kids to school, servicing large corporate events and basically everything…but as we grew in popularity and size, we took on a team that now consists of Rocky and Clarence. We have permanent and casual staff who have all worked with us for years and are an excellent and professional team of baristas!

We are kosher certified – Milchik & Parev. For more information, visit