Mandela Tea

Who We Are


Cape Tea Co is an exciting new company in the organic tea industry, specialising in the production of premium quality packaged tea products, and all of our organic tea is indigenous to South Africa. In collaboration with the Long Walk to Freedom brand, Cape Tea Co is now unveiling the Mandela Tea range of organic packaged tea products. Sourcing the very best ingredients from various regions in South Africa, the Mandela Tea range offers the very best organic tea packaged products on today’s market.

With a percentage of the profits of Mandela Tea going directly to the Mandela Day School Library project, Cape Tea Co furthers its commitment to linking South African business and sustainable education for all South Africans, as well as promoting social development projects and initiatives. Please visit our Products page to find out more about the Mandela Tea range of organic teas, and visit our Initiatives page to find out more about the Mandela Day School Library project and our work we undertake with various Cape Town based NPOs and community initiatives. We update our ‘Tea with Mandela’ blog on a regular basis so keep visiting for updates on our current products and projects.


Mandela Tea will be included in all race packs