Think! Shoes


Our Philosophy


Designed in Austria and handmade in Europe under the strictest ecological and organic standards!


For more than 25 years, environmental respect has been a solid part of our company philosophy and every shoe is manually produced with careful consideration for regenerative natural resources! We produce our shoes under strict ecological standards and utilisation of materials which are kind to humans as well as nature.


No animal faded away for the production of our shoes. Our leather is only a bi-product of food processing and we don’t preserve our raw hides with chemical additives, heavy metals or other poisonous substances and we abstain from the use of carcinogenic AZO colours.


We obtain the natural tannins for colouring from ground bark extracts of plantation-planted trees – an intelligent re-use of waste products. Vegetable – tanned leather allows your feet to breathe, is moisture absorbent, hypo-allergenic and toxin-free!


We utilise natural latex, a renewable raw material obtained from the Hevea tree. Natural latex is highly abrasion resistant and skid-proof and our insoles are made of pure cork, adjusting to the natural shape of your foot in a healthy orthopedic way.


Even our gorgeous packaging is made of recyclable paper and cardboard! Think! Shoes are unique in their designs and unmatched in their quality. A comfortable, fashionable, sustainable and naturally healthy shoe for all occasions.


For us, environmental protection is neither a marketing tool nor a temporary fashion topic, but the pure conviction and solid part of our company philosophy.


Our Leather


We buy our leathers mostly from certified tanneries in central Europe, which we have researched in detail regarding the prevailing environmental and social situation. No cow, which has been grazing peacefully on a pasture in Tuscany has to fade away through the production of our shoes. Our leather is only a bi-product of food processing.

We don’t conserve our rawhides using chemical additives, to create transport shortcuts. Special salts and a faultless cold chain are enough to ensure the healthy transport of our hides.

Wherever possible, we use vegetable tanned leather and always where the foot is in direct contact with the material, thereby using only vegetable tanned leather for the linings.

The bark for our tanning agent is extracted from profit-tree plantations, an intelligent re-use of waste products. No tree from the primeval forest or tropical rain forest has to be cut down for the production of tanning agents.

Vegetable tanning benefits humans as well as nature in that the leather helps the foot to breathe and absorb humidity very well. Our leather remains in its natural state and we don’t treat it with aluminium, chrome, quicksilver or other poisonous substances. Furthermore, we only use colours free of any heavy metal and we abstain from carcinogenic AZO colours.

Factors like child labour, exploitation of employees, inhumane working conditions, unprotected handling of tannic acid and unstrained emissions of tannic acid into rivers are not part of our production process.




Our Soles


Apart from leather and recyclable PU used in our soles, we also utilise natural latex, a renewable raw material obtained from the “hevea tree”. By carving the bark, the latex seeps out, is collected in reservoirs and will be further processed. After approx. 25 years, when the tree cannot supply anymore sap, it will continue its growth naturally. Natural latex is characterised by excellent insulation as well as high abrasion resistance and is skid-proof. Our insoles are made of 99% pure cork, adjusting to the shape of the foot in a natural and healthy way.



Our Packaging


Apart from our respect of raw materials, we attach great importance to environmental friendliness and all our packaging in made of recyclable paper and cardboard.





When you purchase a pair of Think! Shoes, you don’t only make a contribution to the environment, you also indulge and nurture yourself and your feet. With each individual design and excellent fitting we appeal particularly to people who know what they want and get what they need!