Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the ferry ride take:

The ferry ride takes approximately 30 minutes from The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront to Robben Island.


Will there be anywhere to rest?

A number of rest areas will be set up throughout the main event area. An allocated bed to rest in can also be booked via info@africancenturion.com.

You can bring a gazebo along if you prefer to sit out and support the crowd for the 24 hour duration. Any additional luggage you would like to bring will need to be brought as cargo. Please liaise with our project coordinator via mail on info@africancenturion.com for more information.


What should I bring with me?

We recommend bringing:

  1. High-SPF sunblock
  2. Clothing for both warm and cold weather
  3. A hat
  4. Sunglasses
  5. A space blanket
  6. A headlamp
  7. Support packages for your athlete
  8. Extra changing clothes

Water/drinks (hot/cold) and food will be all available to purchase on the island. However if you have a preferred energizing drink or food, you can bring it along.


What is the walking surface like?

Aside from a 200m stretch of the airstrip, the road surface reserved for Centurion walkers is tarred and smooth. It’s mostly flat, too, aside from a mild incline where the route crosses the island.


How does the relay work?

Now, instead of splitting the walk equally into 50 miles or 25 miles per person, your team can divide the distance however you please. The main rule is that as a team you need to complete the 100 miles distance together. For further info or clarity, please mail info@africancenturion.com 


Are there any prizes?

That depends on what you mean by ‘prize’. Every walker who completes the distance gets a medal – but if you do the full Centurion by yourself, you’ll get a one-time-only number with massive prestige points. There’s fierce competition for these centurion badges of honour, because those numbers will never be issued again.

There will be a special awards ceremony at the end of the race, where special performances will be highlighted.


Can I bring family and friends with me?

Indeed you can; we call them your support. They have to buy a supporter ticket – tickets can be purchased here: Get Your Tickets


Can I replace a relay-team member if one drops out?

Yes, absolutely – just make sure you keep us up to date with any changes to your team.


What sort of picture should I upload for my profile?

Upload a portrait shot focusing on your face; if you have a sporty profile picture, so much the better.


What happens if the weather’s terrible?

Access to the island is unfortunately dependant on the weather – but thankfully October is among the milder months on the Cape Town calendar.


Information and communication

For any questions that are left unanswered as well as special inquiries, please contact our project coordinator directly at info@africancenturion.com. Closer to the race there will be a more detailed brief sent out to all our participants.